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The St Valentine's Well Series

St Valentine's Well
(aka where it all began)

Meet the Mallorys…

William, Earl Mallory’s reclusive, bookish existence is thrown into turmoil when he comes to the aid of the victim of a failed robbery attempt. Little does he realise the beautiful young woman he rescues will change his life forever. Whether he wants it or not.

From the moment she opens her eyes on a busy London street, Lady Georgianna Kincade knows the gentle, quiet man kneeling beside her is the man she has always longed for. Finding him is one thing. Convincing her elusive earl that he is neither too old nor too dull, is a different matter entirely.

Despite his misgivings, William is drawn to the captivating, remarkable Georgianna, who gives him a glimpse of a fuller, richer future than he had ever imagined.

In the face of family opposition, and the mysterious plot to force Georgianna into marriage to a man she does not love, the pair must risk all for the sake of love.


(St Valentines Well Book 1)

The French call it coup de foudre – love at first sight. That’s the easy part.

Thomas, Viscount Denholm’s heart is lost from the moment he spies the fair-haired, pocket-sized angel across the ballroom at Almack’s. Said angel promptly cutting him dead is unfortunate but not insurmountable. He’s determined to win her heart—and hand—once he solves the mystery of who she actually is.

Lady Charlotte Mallory has very definite ideas regarding her future husband. Ideas that do not include ill-mannered rakes who behave improperly at Almack’s famed assembly rooms of all places. With more than her reputation at risk, Charlotte refuses to be swayed by a beguiling smile that promises everything a well-bred young lady has been warned to stay away from.

Thomas may not be a man who gives up easily, but when faced with a case of mistaken identity, bitter family opposition and a brewing scandal involving half the ton, even he begins to wonder if perhaps, sometimes, love may not conquer all.


(St Valentine’s Well Book 2)

The road to ruin in polite society is paved with good intentions…

A determined pursuit by a suspicious—but wickedly delicious—earl hellbent on uncovering what she is hiding is the last thing Lady Isabella Mallory needs. What she secretly wants is another matter entirely.

Make believe or not, Isabella’s silly love potion is a very real threat to her sister’s future happiness. Running out of time and options, Isabella enlists the help of her pursuer, the notorious Avery Tremayne, the Earl of Ravenswood, in spite of the risk he poses to her already tattered reputation and her heart.

After an ill-fated first marriage, Avery Tremayne will not repeat past mistakes. His countess will be demure and respectable. Why then, when Isabella is obviously everything he should not want, does he find himself moving heaven and earth to save her from scandal?

As she races to avert disaster, Isabella can only hope victory will not cost her everything.


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